If you own a GoPro you probably quickly realized that spending $300 to $400 just for the camera is only the beginning. You’ll quickly invest more money in all kinds of accessories in order to get the most out of your camera. There are thousands of different mounts for any occasion. We have compiled a list of accessories we love and ended up using the most. Hopefully this will help you to decide which accessories to get and you don't end up with too many accessories that you'll never use.

1. Wasabi Power Spare Batteries

Cheap GoPro Wasapi Power Replacement BatteriesSince GoPro batteries usually only last somewhere between 1:30 and 2 hours it’s best to get a few spare batteries. We have been using Wasabi Power GoPro HERO 4 and Wasabi Power GoPro HERO 5 batteries extensively and they deliver the same performance at a significantly cheaper price compared to the original GoPro batteries. No matter whether you buy Wasabi or GoPro batteries, make sure to order from a reputable source since there are many counterfeit batteries of inferior quality available.

2. External 2-3 Bay Battery Wall Charger

GoPro 3 bay chargerIf you own multiple batteries you will definitely want to get a wall charger. GoPro cameras usually only come with a USB cable to charge the battery in your camera one at a time. Unfortunately this severely limits you since you wouldn’t be able to take your camera with you while you are charging a battery. With a multi bay wall charger you can re-charge several batteries at the same time.

Some options we have been using are:

. GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts

GoPro Anti Fog InsertsWhen you are using your GoPro you probably realized that it gets warm or even hot when you are using it. This can result in condensation building up within the case. Most likely the condensation will build up in the lens area making your footage unusable! One simple and effective way to avoid this is to get the GoPro Anti-Fog inserts to put into the case. You can reuse the inserts easily by baking them in the oven for a few minutes after you have used them (this will extract all the moisture they have trapped). You could also use other inserts but make sure they don’t push the case apart resulting it from flooding when you take it into water.

4. SP Gadgets POV Pole 19"

SP Gadget GoPro Pole to stabilizeWe originally got the SP Gadgets POV pole for snorkeling to stabilize the camera so the footage is less shaky compared to holding the GoPro housing with your hands. It turned out this grip is very versatile and also great to use on land. The POV Pole is one of the most compact grips measuring only 7 inches but can be extend to a total length of 19 inch. This gives you a better reach to capture wildlife in difficult to reach places and it would even function as selfie stick if you want it to. It comes with a solid wrist strap and a nice rubber grip so you don’t lose your camera in the water. This grip is also designed for marine/salt water use. We have used it in saltwater many times and there haven't been any issues and no sign of rust. The grip doesn’t have any sealed air chambers for flotation which actually makes it a great grip for scuba diving (grips with floatation chambers usually don't do well with the water pressure when scuba diving). The pole is built very well so it doesn’t fall apart like many others do.

5. Rain-X

Rain XIf you took out your GoPro in the rain or in the water you probably have had water droplets stay on the lens ruining your footage with a big blurry area. If you treat the lens of the camera housing with Rain-X you can minimize this from happening since water drops will run off quickly. You can buy the smallest/cheapest bottle of Rain-X since it will last you for a long time (Rain-X is usually used to put on your car windshield so the GoPro lens area is tiny compared to that).

6. JOBY Gorillapod SLR Zoom

Joby SLR Zoom GorillapodMy favorite and most versatile way to attach the GoPro camera to almost anything within minutes allowing you to remove it again without leaving back any GoPro mounts. We have successfully used the Gorillapod to attach it to the side mirror of cars, trees, lamp poles, guardrails. It’s also great for just stabilizing your camera for low light shots just using it as a regular mini tripod.

Our recommendation is to get the JOBY Gorillapod SLR Zoom instead of the GorillaPod Action (specifically for GoPro) since it is a stronger version that you can even use with bigger cameras so you’ll get more use out of it.

7. Sabrent Extended Battery Pack

Sabrent extended GoPro Battery PackUsually we recommend to bring along a couple of spare batteries and change them as needed. Unfortunately changing batteries isn't an option when you are recording a longer Time Lapse or go Scuba Diving. During a Time Lapse recordings you usually don’t want to touch the camera to change the battery as you are most likely going to change the viewing angle resulting in a less than perfect time lapse. A great alternative is the Sabrent Extended Battery Pack which doubles your recording time. In our tests we got well over 4 hours of recording time with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. The Sabrent battery also comes with a extended back door for your housing so you can even take it diving. Since we only use it for specific occasions we recommend the Sabrent battery over the GoPro Battery BacPac as it is only half the price. Attaching the extended battery on a GoPro Silver will cover the built in LCD screen though the WiFi controll is a simple workaround for this.

8. GoPro Floaty Backdoor

GoPro Floaty BackdoorIf you intend to take your GoPro snorkeling the GoPro Floaty Backdoor is a great investment to protect your camera in case you drop it or if a mount is failing. The Floaty comes with an additional backdoor so you can stick it to the backdoor with the strong Adhesive provided. If you have a built in LCD screen in your camera you’ll not be able to see the screen since the floaty will completely cover it (this hasn't been a problem for us since the GoPro camera has such a wide angle and we rarely use the screen to shoot video). If you aren’t using your camera in the water you can easily switch back to your old backdoor without the floaty attached.

9. GoPro Suction Mount

GoPro Suction MountThe GoPro Suction Cup Mount is the latest mount we added to our collection. For us this mount is less versatile than the Joby GorillaPod or the SP Gadget POV pole we mentioned earlier. But if you want to attach your camera to a windshield or other places on a car this is the mount to get. Some people also have been using this mount successfully to attache the GoPro on a small airplane (not sure if we would recommend this though!). The build quality and the suction of the mount is great so you are less likely to lose your expensive GoPro camera than with other cheaper suction mounts. On Amazon you can find plenty of reviews where people lost their GoPro with other suction mounts. Make sure you clean the surface you are planning to stick this mount on! Even this mount will not be able to hold your camera in place if there is dust on your car.

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