Check VoicemailUsing your phone while traveling abroad can get expensive because of high roaming charges. Even if you let calls go to voicemail and check your mailbox later you are usually being charged roaming fees of up to $2.99 per minute while abroad. A simple way of avoiding these high roaming charges is to check your messages through Google Voice, Skype or a different phone. All you need is your voicemail pass code you chose when setting up your voicemail. This method also works if you left your phone at home or don't have cell phone coverage.


  1. Call your mobile phone number using google voice (free for US numbers)
  2. Wait for your voicemail greeting
  3. Once the greeting started press the * key. This should prompt you to enter your voicemail security code. If * doesn't work you can also try #.
  4. Enter your security code using the phone's keypad. After entering the code you should be able to listen to your messages.

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