Here are some of our favorite sites we are using to book hotels and accommodations. Before booking your hotel for your next trip read up on how to avoid unnecessary hotel fees.


Airbnb is a great alternative to the big booking sites. It offers accommodations in over 190 countries from homeowners usually at a much lower price than a hotel. My experience with Airbnb has always been great.


When booking a hotel make sure to check out Tripadvisor to see photos from real guests. Often the photos look quite different compared to the professional photos created by hotel management 10 years ago.


A great and reliable overall resource to book hotels. Expedia also has a loyalty program allowing you to accumulate miles for free hotel nights.


Hotwire is a good place to snag up a hotel room at a lower cost than other websites through their "Secret Hot Rare Hotels" feature. They'll basically tell you how this hotel is rated and the area it is in but you'll only find out the exact name of the hotel after booking. So far it always worked out quite well and I have never been disappointed.