Below are our favorite sites we use to plan and book flights for our next travel adventure. Before you book your flight, check out our best tips how to save money on flights.


A great starting point to find cheap flight tickets including "hacker fares" that combine two one way tickets from different airlines instead of a round trip ticket as this can sometimes be cheaper.

Google Flight Search

Extremely fast search engine from Google to find cheap air fares. You get an overview for every day of the month showing the lowest price in addition Google will automatically search the absolutely lowest fair using alternative airports, departure and return dates. offers a calendar that shows you the cheapest flights from the airport of your choice.


Almost all U. S. airlines offer refunds if the price drops after you booked it. Yapta will automatically check for you.


A great and reliable overall resource to book flights, hotels, rental cars.


Skyscanner complements the other sites listed here very well since it covers many different airlines including scheduled and budget carriers to find the cheapest price for you.


Their newsletter is a great resource for good travel deals.