Mavericks Big Wave Surf Competition

If you want to see a Big Wave Surf Competition up close Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, California is one of the few places to do so. The waves can reach up to 60 feet (18 m). The window for the competition to take place is usually from December through March. Contestants are given as little as 48 hours to get there from all around the world.

I ventured out to experience the 2016 Titans of Mavericks competition up close and to cross this off my travel bucket list. It was a great experience seeing brave contestants conquer huge waves. There also have been some scary wipeouts.

T-Mobile Simple Choice vs Google Project FI for international travel

Google vs T-Mobile cell phone plan abroad

Google Project FI and T-Mobile Simple Choice are both plans that are great if you are travelling abroad since they automatically include very cheap or even free data, calls and texts. We tested both plans side by side on a trip through Austria, Germany, Italy, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom to share our experience with you. Especially since Google’s new Project FI plan isn’t completely opened to everybody we were very curious how it would perform.

Mobile Google Maps Improves Offline Mode

Google Maps gets navigation, destination Search, and more in offline mode. Previously you could only save small parts of the map for offline usage. Nevertheless it was not possible to use this information for turn by turn navigation. You can now download much bigger areas granted you have enough space on your mobile device.

Google Project Fi instant invites for the next 24 hours

Google recently announced their new no-contract wireless service, Project Fi. Google is giving out instant invites for the next 24 hours! The Basic plan is $20/month and includes unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts and Wi-Fi tethering. Each GB of data is an extra $10, and you'll actually get any unused data credited back at the end of the month. With Project Fi you get international data roaming in 120+ countries without additional fees.

Secret Escapes raised $60 million

Secret Escapes just raised $60 million from existing and new investors including Google Ventures. The U. K. based start-up is a members-only luxury travel site and has sold over 2 million rooms since it's launch in 2011. You should keep an eye on this company and lookout for exclusive deals as they are probably continuing to expand aggressively.

We first saw the news at TechCrunch.