Google Project Fi without invite and huge discount on Nexus 5x

Google Project Fi Mobile plan now available for everybody

After almost one year since Google launched Project Fi it is now available without requiring invites anymore.

We have tested Project Fi a few months ago on a trip to Europe and came to the conclusion that this is one of the best mobile plans to stay connected while traveling abroad.

Google is acting as their own mobile virtual network operator effectively combining Sprint and T-Mobile on one SIM card seamlessly switching between these cellular networks and Wi-Fi. For international travelers the low minute prices, free text messages and great pricing for international data (only $10 per GB) in 123 countries are probably some of the most attractive features.

Besides making Project Fi available to everybody Google also offers a huge discount of $150 on a Nexus phone if you sign up now. Huge Nexus 5x discount with Project Fi sign-up You can get the new Nexus 5x for a discounted price of only $200.

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