Mobile Google Maps Improves Offline Mode

Google Maps gets navigation, destination Search, and more in offline mode. Previously you could only save small parts of the map for offline usage. Nevertheless it was not possible to use this information for turn by turn navigation. You can now download much bigger areas granted you have enough space on your mobile device.

Google Maps Mobile Offline Feature

Google said downloading most of Greater London would take up 380 megabytes on a device, while storing the San Francisco Bay area would require about 200MB. You can now also access useful information about places, like hours of operation, contact information or ratings offline. The new offline map feature should be very useful especially when traveling abroad where you might not have a data connection. Currently this functionality is supported on the latest Google Maps for Android version. Support for iOS is supposed to be added soon.

Read more about this on the official Google blog.

Stay tuned for for information when we put this new functionality to the test in Europe next month.

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    In this mode, whilst you're no longer connected to Wi-Fi, Google Maps will handiest use data from the offline maps which you've downloaded. Before you operate this mode, ensure you download offline maps. To activate this mode, open the Google Maps app Menu next to "Wi-Fi handiest," turn the activate. Dissertation Editors

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